Soap Box Derby 2012!

If you’ll recall, the company for which I work throws a Soap Box Derby each year on the Friday before Memorial Day.

My team this year was much better than my team last year, but we still didn’t win anything. We dressed as villains, wearing all black with capes around our necks, and our derby car looked like a villain’s limousine from the old Wacky Racers cartoon. (Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either.)

Other teams’ themes included Tanorexia (a play off of the New Jersey Tan Mom), The Dukes of Hazzard, the OJ Simpson trial, Redneck Wedding, and The Apocalypse.

Despite our loss, it was a really fun day. The best (maybe worst) part? Bryan took part in the eating competition and consumed two big, round pig testicles!

The race track
Our CEO, and others, performing the opening ceremonies. The flyover and balloon release were executed by the team on the roof.
An official Angie’s List indy car
Bryan loving testicles
Myself, my friends and pro driver Sarah Fisher

(And yes, in case you’re wondering. That is the Sarah Fisher I refused to let into my office a few months ago.)

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