The Greatest Spectacle in Racing! (I think you can see part of my elbow.)

I survived the Indy 500 for the second year in a row, though I’m not exactly able to prove I was there. I’ve only seen one picture from that day, and I’m not visible in it. See?

I’m wayyy up front, walking next to Paul, the kid in the blue tank top pulling a cooler. I think you can see part of my elbow.

Anyway, a group of us (see above) met at Sean’s (aka. Oreo Jones) dad’s house in Speedway the morning of the 500. Together, we walked a couple blocks to the track, all the way through the crowds, and to the Snake Pit in the infield.

At the party, we met up with some more friends, sipped on root beer and Jager and watched Benny Benassi perform.

That’s Benny. I clearly didn’t take this picture. I’m also in that crowd somewhere. I think you can see part of my elbow.

An acquaintance of mine, Wade Cunningham (@WadeCunningham for those of you folks on The Twitter), is an indy car driver who actually raced in the 500. It was so exciting to watch him drive by during the opening ceremonies and, obviously, during the race! Wade is good friends with Bryan and his group, and actually has a Rad Summer logo (the record label with which Bryan is associated) on his car! Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to finish due to engine trouble, but it was quite the experience nonetheless.

It was a really, really fun day. We left the track around 1:00PM because of the 90+ degree temps and watched the end of the race over pizza at Average Joe’s in Broad Ripple. Now, that’s my kind of finish!

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