The new head of the Party Planning Committee!

So, it’s a little-known fact that I love birthdays. You may also be shocked to learn that I love Dolly Parton.

I know, take a minute to digest that information. I understand it might be overwhelming.

Imagine my joy, then, when I got an email yesterday saying that I had been chosen as the head of the Marketing department’s Birthday Decorating committee! Basically, I’m in charge of keeping track of everyone’s birthdays, decorating their desks, and making a general fuss over them on their big days. What an honor, and what a perfect job for me!

I wonder how they knew I would enjoy that task?

Of course, at the time I received that email, I was in the middle of printing off 36 pictures of Dolly Parton and tying them to ribbon to decorate my friend Lymari’s desk for her birthday today. (Who doesn’t love to come to work on her birthday and find a chandelier made of pink ribbon and Dolly pictures hanging above her desk? I came in early this morning just to hang it before she got there!)

I suppose it’s important to mention that Lymari loves Dolly Parton just as much as I do. What are the odds?

Here are some beautiful pictures of said chandelier:

 And here’s what else I left for Lymari on Monday and Tuesday:

I may or may not have worn a wavy side ponytail yesterday when I delivered the above Dolly photo. Just sayin’.

(Sigh) I LOVE birthdays!

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