The good thing about being at a show with a bunch of hipsters is that they keep really good rhythm when they’re clapping. I think it’s because they’re all in bands.

Last night, Bon Iver played the Murat here in Indy, and my friends Laura and Katharine were generous enough to give me a ticket. I almost didn’t go, what with this ridiculous single-girl budget and all, but WOW am I glad I did!

I’ve loved Bon Iver for years, (you may remember me blubbering about my love for his song “Creature Fear”, and you probably also recall that his album was the first one I was given with my birthday record player this year), but this was the first time I’d seen him live. Nothing I say here will do the show justice; it was amazing.

Luckily, lots of concert-goers post videos on YouTube!

Unluckily, none of these videos will do the show justice, either. But what the hell.

And “Wolves I & II”? Oh, “Wolves I & II”! Believe me when I tell you that this song was like a religious experience for me!

Coincidentally, also during this song, Katharine almost got in a fist fight with Mr. Knew-Every-Word-To-Every-Song-And-Sang-His-Effing-Heart-Out-So-Loud-We-Could-Barely-Hear-At-Times behind us, and the hatred that flared in her eyes when she confronted him was not unlike the flaming fires of Hell itself.

Give me a break. So amazing.

God bless live music! Honestly, nothing compares.

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