A little sugar, a little b*tch

Some people are so RUDE on the phone! They call me at work just to moan and complain about howwwww terrrrrible they think my company is. So, I find it very ironic when, viewing their membership profiles during conversation, I notice that the a$$ on the phone has a funny email address.

Note: Some of the quotes from customers below are a littttle exaggerated, but that’s only so you can understand the mood of the conversation.

Customer A: I hate you. I think your company is stupid! How dare you!

Email address: jellybeantrees@____.com

Password: mickeymoose01

Customer B: You should jump off a bridge. I will blow up your office!

Email address: yourmompoopspoo@___.com

Password: poopy

and my personal favorite:

Customer C: It’s all your fault! My life is messed up and it’s all your fault! I hate you! I hope you die in a fiery plane crash!

Email address: christisking@___.com

Password: JesusMySavior316

2 thoughts on “A little sugar, a little b*tch

  1. I know you were probably frustrated when writing this, but I read it during my lunch hour and laughed out loud at jellybeantrees haha! It made me realize that I hadn’t really laughed all morning so thanks for that. I needed it today :)

  2. HA! Do you even confirm their email during their rant? Maybe it will occur to them how they’re behaving. I have a job where people yell at me all of the time…it’s usually a little funnier in hindsight, but during, I do not care for it. :)keep up the good work.

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