One man’s trash… is in my backyard.

After reading Emily’s Facebook status the other day:

Emily recap of my housework this weekend: pull on weeds so hard that I fall over backwards in front of neighbors, discover that I’m covered with tiny ants after I pull up said weeds, have tiny ant bites all over arms, legs and feet, surprised by 4 snakes, attempt to mow the lawn (which i am terrible at!) but in the process of starting the mower, don’t realize that I’ve knocked over a paint can, that for some reason was not closed all of the way, which resulted in paint on the garage floor and the driveway, never actually started the mower. I think I’ll stick with cooking. Unless you recall the gravy incident. In which case…I think I’ll stick to…napping.

I felt encouraged to tackle my own yard. I had heard that the people who lived here before us were complete slobs, and I saw that for myself once I started digging around the backyard. Here are a few things I found:

Some random pieces of metal, one knife and two spoons, a lot of Miller High Life cans and bottle tops, pieces of plaid fabric and a zipper. I also found some bricks, blocks and pieces of broken pottery scattered throughout the yard.

Not to mention that the yard hadn’t been tended to in, apparently, forever. While ripping out weeds, I found some bricks near the gate:


I also uncovered part of a sidewalk!


I tore out a whole bunch of weeds and put down some rocks I found to make a pathway in front of my car.


Ta da!

Now, what else can I do?

2 thoughts on “One man’s trash… is in my backyard.

  1. how in the world did that inspire you? I thought that message would tell everyone never to bother with housework! But nice job!!

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