You see, the difference between men and women is…

At the house church we attended a couple of months ago, our pastor was wrapping up the message by entering into prayer. As we bowed our heads to pray with him, one of the ladies in our church tried to sneak into the kitchen to prepare the bread and wine for communion.

She soon realized, though, that she was stuck at the opposite end of the room and couldn’t sneak without disturbing the prayer. She motioned to her husband, who was closer to the kitchen, to bring in the communion.

I could hear cabinets opening and closing as he went into the kitchen. Then he emerged, carrying a box of unopened mazza and a bottle of wine. He set them on the coffee table in the center of the room.

Gasping, the wife quickly jumped out of her chair, grabbed the box and the bottle, and carefully navigated her way into the kitchen. Just as the prayer was ending, she returned to the living room carrying a glass of wine and the mazza, arranged beautifully on a platter.

I was reminded of this story this weekend.

Seeing that I was feeling a little better, Coleman asked if we could go to a few stores around town and “look” at new tvs. Needless to say, the “looking” resulted in a new tv in our living room.

Coleman connected the cables and surge protector and all the things you need to plug in to make a tv work. When he exclaimed that “it is finished!” and I walked into the living room to see, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the way in which he organized the cords.

Too bad I can’t bend over to move them. At least the tv works, I guess!

(And on a separate note, I think the next order of business will be “looking” for a new tv stand…)

One thought on “You see, the difference between men and women is…

  1. Coleman – From years of experience in living with four girls (wife and three daughters for those who might not know), what Jillian is actually saying is “Honey, you’re really smart to be able to connect the new TV and all the cables and I’m very proud of you”. “Go buy a new TV stand”. YFFIL

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