[Insert witch’s cackle here]

I’m back at work today. Notice a period at the end of that sentence, not an exclamation point.

Why not an exclamation point, you wonder?


After missing a week and a half of work to recover from surgery, the day I chose to return to work is the day that the corporate office deemed “Team Theme Halloween Costume” day. My office decided to dress as witches and wizards.

That’s right. Of all the days to return, I chose the day where I have to dress like a witch, yet perform my normal work duties as professionally as if I were wearing a suit.

And it’s not just today.

Ohhhh no, not just today.

It’s Spirit Week.

I forgot about Spirit Week.

A whole week.

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow is 1970’s Day.

Kill me now.

Witches and Wizards

7 thoughts on “[Insert witch’s cackle here]

  1. Larne, his name is Chuy. And yes, that’s a rainstick in his hand.

    And thanks for noticing the dust pan, Regan. I was trying to add a little humor to the situation, although no one really seemed to think it was funny. Go figure.

  2. I thought it was clever. Subtle..so only smart people think it’s funny. I would also like to compliment you on your fancy hat.

  3. You are making you job sound fun now, all offices should have as much fun, with an occasional “wacky” person story.

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