The Wyatt House: Day 1

After waiting through what felt like the longest weekend of all time, Bryan and I have finally taken possession of our new house! The seller needed a bit of time to move out and clean, but as of noon yesterday, it’s officially ours.

We’re diving right into a number of projects, starting with paint. Here’s what’s on our agenda prior to move in day:

  1. Paint ceilings in all rooms
  2. Paint walls in all rooms
  3. Paint trim/doors/cabinets in all rooms

In essence, we need to paint every square inch of that house. Oy.

While poking around yesterday, we confirmed what we had already suspected: There are original hardwood floors in every room (except the kitchen and bike room)! Better yet, the carpet and faux wood flooring that the seller installed on top of the hardwoods is just sitting on top. This means, after we’re done painting, all we have to do is lift up the carpet/faux wood and roll it away, and assuming the hardwoods are in good shape, we don’t need to refinish them right away. A miracle!

4. Pull up all carpet/faux wood

On a much less exciting note, Bryan and I learned that we have some plumbing issues. Thankfully, as part of our closing contract, we’d already hired a contractor to replace all of the plumbing in the house on the seller’s dime, so we’re covered financially. However, without splashing into specific details, we discovered yesterday that whatever one flushes down the toilet, umm… one finds filling up into the bathtub.

5. Replace all plumbing


Here are our official “before” pictures:



Dining Room


Bike Room


Living Room


Guest Rooms


Master Bedroom


Bathrooms (Enter at your own risk!)


In conclusion, while searching in a closet yesterday, I discovered this hay baling tool/murder weapon hidden away:



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