Marriage advice and some confusing illustrations

During our wedding reception, we provided colorful cards and pens at each table and asked our guests to share marriage advice, favorite memories, jokes, or anything else they felt we needed to know.


We got some real gems, including, “Bryan, don’t use the decorative towels or lay on the ‘fancy’ pillows” and “Feed him pizza,” some heartfelt advice like “Joke with each other, not about each other” and “Stay true to who you are as individuals,” some sweet sentiments like, “From eating Oreos and playing Nintendo to watching you meet the girl of your dreams… Happy for you two,” and a very detailed (and somewhat difficult to interpret) illustrated version of the Kama Sutra.


I loved the cards so much, I spent 30 minutes taping them all to our fridge as soon as we got home. For the time being, they’ll serve as a nice reminder (and a good laugh) every time we walk through the kitchen.


(Though, someone remind me to take down the Kama Sutra card and the card titled “Tips for the first time (you do it)” before my dad comes over.)


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