What’s the best thing you’ve ever purchased?

Ok, this question is tough. I love lots of things that I’ve purchased. Actually, you shouldn’t buy anything you don’t need unless you love it, right? But here’s one thing I know for sure:


It is one of my absolute favorite things. It’s so beautiful and unique and, frankly, amazing! I found it at a consignment store in Denver the day before I moved to Indy; it literally went from the store into the moving truck! It was such a lucky find.

If anything ever happens to this couch, I’ll be beside myself. I’ll never find another one like it!

What about you? What’s one of your most prized purchases?

One thought on “What’s the best thing you’ve ever purchased?

  1. I’m still debating what mine would be… You should write a post on what the best thing is that someone gave to you! I would say one of my top five would be my personalized gold bracelet from Grandpa M&M :)

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