I’m very fancy now.

Why? Because I got a new job! Well, I still have my old job, but I have also taken on a part-time position at the Fashion Mall at Keystone.

Where, you wonder? I’m not going to tell you. But I will say that it’s at a very, very beloved makeup store, where I get to play with makeup allll day long!


The uniform at the store is pretty typical: solid black. But, along with the clothes, there is also a sort of makeup uniform. I watched a video during my training about the hot holiday looks I should be wearing to work for the next couple of months.

You mean this job requires me to wear sparkly stuff on my cheeks and encourages false eyelashes? OK! That’s all the training I need!

So, in celebration of what I just learned about holiday looks, I’m sharing some tips on my beauty blog, FauxFringe. Check it out!

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