We had a bad connection, I swear!

Here in the call center at work, we get a lot of prank phone calls. Which, frankly, is astonishing to me. Why would ANYONE waste their time pranking our call center? Surely there are more interesting people to prank. Guess they just can’t resist when they see that 800 number scroll across their tv screen.

At any rate, it’s not unusual to hear someone in the office speaking with a prankster from time to time. The other day, Hillary got a call from a girl who swore she was ‘Beyonce Knowles’, and Ryan spoke with some ‘Princess’ named ‘Mercedes’.

So, when Karly got a call from a woman last week, she proceeded with the conversation as any of us would. Here’s how it sounded from my desk:

Karly: Thanks for calling. This is Karly. How may I help you?

Looking for a house cleaner?

Ok, who am I speaking with?

Audible eye roll. Then, proclaiming loudly for everyone in the office to hear:

Oh, ok. Thumbelina? Thanks for calling, Thumbelina.

You could cut the sarcasm with a knife.

Well, Thumbelina, here’s how I can help you. I — what’s that? You’re — Oh. Oh, I see. Carmelita? Ohhh. Sorry about that, ma’am.


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