Uh, I’m not sure how that got there.

Right when we arrived in Indianapolis last Sunday night, the screen on my cell phone went completely blank. I couldn’t see any texts, couldn’t tell who was calling, couldn’t see anyone’s phone numbers. The screen was just white. It was a tragedy.

So, on Tuesday, I Google Mapped my way to a Sprint service center to get my phone fixed. I walked into the store and told the guy behind the counter about the problems I was having.

“It’s probably the such-and-such cable,” he explained to me.

“Oh. Sure,” I said, nodding like I knew what he was talking about.

He told me it would take an hour to fix my phone, so I could run a few errands and come back, if I wanted. So, I left the store and drove around town for an hour, jotting down locations of stores and restaurants that I would want to find again later.

Finally, when it was time, I went back to the Sprint store and walked up to the counter. This time, a female employee was there.

“I’m coming to pick up my phone. The such-and-such cable was loose,” I told her.

“Sure,” she said and walked to the back room to retrieve my precious phone. When she had located it, she returned to the counter and handed the phone to me, opening it to show me that the screen was working. “Here you are,” she said.

I reached toward her, and as I was taking the phone from her hand, I saw this:

A picture of a cat.

Eating a salad.

A picture that I had seen on a greeting card in a store a couple of days before that I thought was so funny, I just had to take a picture with my phone.

And set it as my phone’s background.

“Oh my gosh,” I said. “I am so sorry about that. The cat. Eating the salad.”

“Oh, that’s ok,” she laughed. “I’ve seen worse.”

I don’t doubt it. But I’m probably never going back to that store again, just in case.

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