She’s got freckles on her but…

I’m at work. A guy just came in to do some repairs on something in the office.

He was one of those good ol’ boys, with a low, monotone voice. He was also very thin–tiny almost–and scruffy.

Guy: “I’m here ta repair such-and-such in the whosiwhatsit.”

Jillian: “Huh?”

Guy: “I’m here ta repair the thingamabob in the something-or-other.”

Jillian: “Ok… Does anyone know what he’s here to fix?” (Looking around at coworkers.)

Coworkers: “Nope.”

Jillian: “Ok… Umm… Who are you with?”

Guy: “Some Company. Here ta repair somethin’.”

Jillian: “All right… Uhhhh… Let me call our maintenance supervisor. I’m not really sure where you’re supposed to be.”

(Dialing phone. Ringing…ringing…ringing… Voicemail.)

Jillian: “Ok great. He’s not answering. I’m sorry to make you wait, hold on just another moment and I’ll try to reach someone else.”

Guy: “That’s ok, darlin’. Take yer time. I’ve just gotta pick up the old ball and chain in a little while.”

Jillian: “Oh! Ok, well I’ll try to get a hold of someone fast so you can go get her.”

Guy: “Nah, it’s ok. I just gotta pick her up from the bus stop.”

Jillian: “Ok…? Well, I’m sure she’d still like for you to be on time!”

Guy: “Ehh, I guess so. But I don’t really care. She’s a redhead.”

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