What to do when a cat takes your last pair of false eyelashes.

Hypothetically speaking, say you’re a person who wears false eyelashes most days. Say you usually buy them online in bulk, but you just opened your very last pair. “Time to re-order,” you make a mental note.

Say you remove your new lashes from their package and set them on the counter while you do your makeup. And when you’ve finished, and it’s finally time to glue those new beauties on… you can’t find them. They’re missing.

Say you search all around (on the floor, in a drawer, on the ceiling for some reason) and finally find them. Stuck to your little cat’s furry behind. Very clearly in the fur, more on the leg than the rear, actually, like he came up to the counter to visit and accidentally sat on your new lashes. Your last pair of lashes.

Say you decide to peel those lashes off of your furry cat’s fuzzy bottom, dust them off, and again, hypothetically speaking, since these are your very last pair until the internet delivers a fresh shipment, you glue them on and wear them all day.

That’s cool, right?

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