Bless you

It’s a Saturday morning. I’ve just parked my car, and I’m walking through the parking lot toward the front door of my local gym.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m looking pretty good for a Saturday morning. Cute outfit, feeling fit, my hair pulled up into the perfect bun. Look out, Planet Fitness!

As I walk, I see a car approaching me, and as it gets closer, I notice that the car is being driven by a handsome man who looks like he’s around my age. Through his windshield, I think I see him smile at me.

Well, well, I think to myself. Seems like someone else is noticing how cute I look this morning, too! 

His car is closer to me, still approaching, and as we are almost face-to-face through his open driver’s side window, I see him open his mouth, about to say something to me.

Now, my confidence is at an all-time high! How will I react when he tells me how good I look? Silly guy, can’t he see the ring on my finger? LOL, I’m hilarious. I bat my eyelashes.

I stop and look at him as he slows down next to me. And as I smile, I see him move his mouth, about to verbally reinforce my confidence–

And then he sneezes. Straight in my direction. Showering me with spit and God knows what else.

And then he keeps driving, straight out of the parking lot.

And, as I stand there alone, wiping the stranger’s moisture from my arms and face, I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, I might have misread the situation.

I guess we’ll never know.

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