An open letter to my eyebrows, which won’t grow

Dear eyebrows, why won’t you grow?
It’s really such a trend, you know
Bushy glory ‘cross my brow
I wish someone would tell me how

To go back to that fateful day
When my mother said you’d go away
If I kept plucking like I did
It’s not fair – I was just a kid!

How was I to know I’d want you back
But here we are, my dears, you’re lack–
–ing, sparse and balding, curse the day
I wanted you to thin that way

Eyebrows, I promise – cross my heart
If you’ll fill in, I’ll do my part
Pencil, pomade, brow gel – no!
All that’s gone, if you’ll just grow

(Please) (I miss you)



One thought on “An open letter to my eyebrows, which won’t grow

  1. Dear, I feel your pain. When the trend was super thin eyebrows I was okay, because mine are like that. I would pluck them even more so they became super thin. I’m growing mine, which means I have to spend a few weeks with the ” she doesn’t do her eyebrows” look

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