LaRhonda wants a burger

It’s Saturday. Bryan is in our yard with friends, sweating over a BBQ smoker full of chicken, sausage and ribs. At this point, it’s become a weekend tradition. They’re lounging on the screened-in porch, drinking beers and watching March Madness, when all of a sudden, a voice calls from over the fence.

“What y’all cookin’ over there?” LaRhonda asks.

The four men look in her direction. Bryan responds, “Just smoking some chicken, sausage and ribs. How are you?”

LaRhonda approaches, trailed closely by her chihuahua, Ashley. “Sounds good. Say, would you mind cookin’ up a burger for me?” She extends a burger patty and an individually wrapped slice of cheese toward the men.

“Um, sure,” Bryan says, taking the items. “Yeah, we’ve got room for that.”

“Just smells so good over here, made me want a burger, too,” LaRhonda laughs. They make small talk for a minute longer, then she turns to leave.

“Well, if y’all boys don’t mind cookin’ that up for me, I’ll come back over and get it in a little bit. It’s time for me and Ashley to take a shower.”

The guys look at her quizzically. LaRhonda picks up her dog and holds her to her chest, wrapping her arms around her.

“Yep, all I gotta do is just hold her like this, and stand under the water together. Ashley loves it! Don’t you, Ashley? Gets us both clean. All right, c’mon girl,” she sets Ashley on the grass again. “Let’s get us a bath before supper. See y’all later.”

The boys watch as LaRhonda heads around the fence and returns to her yard. Bryan looks down at the burger still in his hand, then up at his friends.

“So… I take it that’s LaRhonda?” one friend asks.

6 thoughts on “LaRhonda wants a burger

  1. I read through all the other posts you did over “LaRhonda” today. I’ve never laughed so hard. You depict these scenarios so well. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Thank you so much! I feel an equal mix of excitement and terror every time I see LaRhonda. Always a good story, but I never quite know what I’m gonna get!

  2. Oh my goodness, LaRhonda sounds hilarious, I am just imagining how it went down in my head and it is so funny :-) At least she had the decency to bring her own beef patty and cheese for you guys to pop on the BBQ!!! :-)

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