An ode to my husband, who made me smoked trout dip

You made me trout dip yesterday
Quite frankly, I was blown away
By the kindness you showed to my heart
So I wrote this ode, now let it start

Some may say “Trout dip is gross!”
But you know I love it the most
So imagine my surprise
When I came home to realize

That you had cooked all afternoon
Smoked trout, parsley, stirring spoon
Mixing up the perfect snack
I almost had a heart attack!

“How was your day? Here, have a bite.
I hope that it tastes all right.”
I grabbed a cracker, dipped it in
And then I couldn’t help but grin

It’s creamy, dreamy, salty, too
Smoky, cheesy – “How did you
Learn to make this delicious feast?”
I stood there in disbelief

“I looked up a recipe!
It was pretty easy, actually.
Plus, I knew how much it’d mean
To you, my babely beauty queen.”

I texted my friends to spread the word
“That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.
He made you trout dip just from scratch?”
“Yes,” I said, “an entire batch!”

Oh husband, love, how could I repay
The true love you put on display
When you generously chose to impart
Smoked trout dip on my happy heart


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