In the past few weeks, I have seen a lizard, snakes and two armadillos in Nashville. No one told me those animals existed here.

People just walk around, acting like it’s not a big deal that these mysterious, unusual creatures could just walk/slither up at a moment’s notice?

You’re telling me that it would be totally normal for a small family of armadillos (armadilli?) to approach me in my backyard or somewhere? You guys, an armadillo is like a small armored vehicle with legs and a face! How are they even real?!

I asked a coworker if she knew there were lizards here and she replied,”Well, yeah, aren’t there lizards everywhere?”

“No!” I responded, 90% sure of my answer. I’ve never seen a lizard just cruising around my parents’ house in Michigan before. Lizards are friendly, small reptiles with springy little feet who sometimes change colors and walk around on you while you’re laying out by the pool on Spring Break. What are they doing here?

And snakesSnakes are in our backyards, and everyone is ok with this? How are we to behave when we are minding our own business in our garden and a snake shows up?

Tennessee, man. Next thing, you’re going to tell me there are unicorns in the Smoky Mountains.

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