The importance of showering

I mentioned this briefly in my previous post, but I just have to declare it again: I cannot stress enough the effectiveness of cornering your significant other with important discussions while he/she is in the shower.

Constructive criticism to give? Got a loaded question to ask? Need to address that rude comment he/she made that you’ve been ruminating on for two weeks? Discuss away!

He/she can literally not escape you unless he/she jumps out of the shower, getting water everywhere and experiencing the dramatic shock of a temperature change. And no one wants that. I’m telling you, I get more answers out of Bryan when I trap him in the bathroom than I do any other time of the day.

That’s just healthy marriage advice right there, pure and simple. You’re welcome. And, uh, let’s not tell Bryan we had this conversation, ok?

Photo courtesy of @shop_wildcare

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