Home Makeover: Living Room

It’s been just about a month since Bryan and I moved into our house – this charming, mid-century ranch house full of strange paint choices and 65-year-old quirks. We have our hands full with projects – both large and small – to tackle in this place.

I’m happy to report that we’ve completed our first room makeover: the living room. If you’ll remember (how could you forget?) what it looked like before:

Carpet, curtains, mauve, dark dark dark


Here’s what she looks like now!


In this room, we:

  • Painted the ceiling, walls, trim and doors (all Ultra Pure White by Behr)
  • Removed the old carpet
  • Replaced the curtains

Some products to note:

  • Black and white flag – Urban Outfitters
  • Black and white rug – Target
  • White curtains – World Market
  • Record cabinet – Ikea
  • Cat tipi – Cattipi.com
  • Pillows – Anthropologie
  • Floral couch, metal crates, lamp, armoire, pink mirror, industrial cart coffee table, television stand – Thrifted

So far, it’s my favorite room in the house. The light! The white! I can’t wait to tackle the next one.

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