Important Vampire Neighbor Update

Nathan is back! I repeat: NATHAN IS BACK!

Bryan went outside on Monday night to take the trash bin to the curb and Nathan’s car was sitting in the driveway like nothing ever happened. Like he didn’t just mysteriously vanish four months ago. Where did he come from? It’s like he just reappeared.

Which, I suppose, is quite literally what happened.

In any case, I am left with a boat load of questions, including:

  • Does he work somewhere far away, like on an oil rig, and is he home for holiday leave?
  • Was he traveling overseas?
  • Did he and Rhiannon break up and just recently rekindle their relationship?
  • Is it safe to get attached, or will he vanish again?

Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure: It appears he is the more responsible roommate, home maintenance wise, anyway. In the three days he’s been back, I can tell he’s replaced some lightbulbs that were out (or at least he’s turned on the lights in what used to be a mostly-dark apartment) (like the type a vampire would live in, obv) and he took out the trash. I can’t wait to check the mail tonight and see if he’s cleared that out, too!

Stay tuned, friends. The saga continues.

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