Broadcasting from Knoxville

I’ve been spiraling in a whirlwind of nonstop work for the last few weeks. I guess that’s just life at an ad agency sometimes. Getting to work early, working through lunch, staying late day after day after day. I am plumb exhausted!

I’ve found some respite this week, though, as I’ve spent a few days working remotely. It’s been nice to get out of the office. Amazing what a change of scenery can do! Currently, I’m coming to you live from a hotel room in Knoxville. Even though it’s for work, allow me to share some benefits of staying in a hotel room alone:

  • I have a whole king-sized bed to myself. I can fall asleep on one side of the bed and wake up on the complete opposite side without anyone noticing or caring.
  • I have total control over the AC unit, and no one else is here to complain that the room is too hot. Because it’s not. It’s perfect.
  • I can watch any trashy reality TV shows I feel like watching. And I have. And I am.
  • CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST. (I realize that’s not a benefit limited to those traveling alone, but whatever.)

This evening, I took myself on a short tour of downtown Knoxville. I haven’t visited here in a long time, and even when I have been here, I’ve never spent much time downtown. I wandered around, stopping in some shops and taking some photos, and ended up selecting a Southern cuisine restaurant for dinner. I cozied up at the bar, ordered a glass of wine and a veggie plate and had a lovely time eating and chatting with the bartenders and those sitting around me.

Which reminds me of another benefit of traveling alone: I feel like a bad ass.

“Oh, I’m traveling for business.” “Oh, I’ll just put this on my expense report.” This morning, when I got in the hotel elevator, I was joined by two other business men. I nodded at them knowingly, “Another day on the road, eh?” BUSINESS.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to cozy into my sheets and eat the leftover macaroni and cheese I brought back to the room with me.

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