Nashville, so far

We have internet access, y’all! (See what I did there? With the y’all?)

Bryan and I have been in Nashville for just about 2 ½ weeks now, and it’s been great so far! The house that we rented sight-unseen is super cute, and we’ve only got about three boxes left to unpack. Bryan has a huge room for all of his bicycles, and best of all, we each have our own bathroom. WE EACH HAVE OUR OWN BATHROOM, I said! Miracle of miracles. Plus, my bathroom is nearly covered with minty green tile, which is extra miraculous.

I started my job at the advertising agency last Monday. My new coworkers have been nice so far, and as most ad agencies go, there’s a healthy representation of cute, petite blonde girls. Most everyone comes with a strong southern accent, so I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before I start to pick up on that, too.

Bryan’s proving to be a stellar househusband during his “funemployment,” running errands and putting the finishing touches on the house. And we’re both excited for our new washer and dryer (generously gifted to us by my mother-in-law) to arrive this weekend so we can have clean clothes again “in half the time!” according to the advertisement.

I’m loving Nashville. We live in East Nashville, and I work on the southwest side of downtown, so my morning drive through the city has been a particular highlight for me. I love the way the glittering skyline greets me each morning as I head to work. The food is good and the people have been so hospitable. Not to mention the hot weather, which I also love! I just heard someone complain that the high is only 85 today. Bless this place.

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