Well, reader, the time has come. I must confess that I’ve been keeping a secret from you for the last few months. Sorry about that. Thankfully, I am now at liberty to tell you what I’ve been trying to keep quiet since late March. (And what a relief it is, because I’m such a bad liar.)

Ready for the news?

Bryan and I are moving!

(You thought it was a baby announcement, didn’t you?)

After five years of living in Indianapolis (10 years for Bryan!) it’s time for us to pack our bags to embark on a new adventure in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville! Home of hot chicken, the Grand Ole Opry, and my girl, Dolly P. (She’s only 45% of the reason we’re moving there.)

I’ve been offered a job at an advertising agency where I’ll start in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, everything is moving really fast. Like, really fast. Like, we’re moving on Monday. MONDAY!

I am really excited. Of course, I’ll be sad to leave all of the amazing friends and acquaintances I’ve made here in a little city I’ve learned so well. But, both Bryan and I have wanted to make a change for awhile, and Nashville seems like just the thing we’re looking for!

It’s only fitting that I started this blog in July 2008 when I was moving from Atlanta to Denver. We’ve been through a lot together, old friends. Let’s see what good things Nashville brings!

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