A List of Things

A List of Unimportant Things About Which I Spend Too Much Time Worrying

  1. A spider or similar-legged bug crawling on me while I’m sleeping
  2. Getting lost
  3. Accidentally using my cat voice in public
  4. Running into Bryan’s ex(es) on a bad hair day/bad outfit day/bad shoe day/bad attitude day
  5. Having to dance in a place where people can see me
  6. Falling off my bike
  7. Getting caught in an elevator with someone I want to impress and not being able to think of anything interesting to say
  8. Messing up my faux lashes while I’m away from home without a spare tube of lash glue handy
  9. Accidentally farting in front of Bryan (though, I still maintain that ladies don’t fart)
  10. Getting hangry

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