The Snake Pit: Then and Now

It’s May in Indianapolis, also known as Bryan’s Favorite Month of the Year.


The Indy 500!

What’s more?

The Snake Pit!

What is the Snake Pit?

Oh, Silly Reader.

According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia:

“The infield of the track in the vicinity of turn one was known as the ‘Snake Pit.’ Long known for a reputation of rowdiness, heavy alcohol consumption, bikers, streaking, flashing, and an overall Woodstock/Mardi Gras-esque atmosphere, the Snake Pit was a popular location for college-age fans to spend time at the track, many of whom had little or no interest in the actual racing activities. Like the infield at the Kentucky Derby, the Snake Pit was often considered a rite of spring, and an excuse to party with abandon. Arrests for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fights, and drug possession were frequent and common. In periods of rain, the area usually became overwhelmed with mud, and mud wrestling was commonly observed. Bonfires and burned cars were also noted.”

The Snake Pit of the ’70s and ’80s was so debaucherous, they say, that it was shut down altogether. A “cleaner” version was opened only five years ago.

And I’m sure it was crazier way back in the day. Lord knows I barely remember the 80’s! However, in the three years that I’ve been Snake Pitting it, I’ve seen human feces, boobs, vomit, a port-a-potty lit on fire, and someone who I’m 80% sure was dead in a tent. So, I can’t imagine how much dirtier it used to be.

You can revisit some previous experiences here and here.

The Indianapolis Star recently posted a gallery of retro Snake Pit photos on their website, and honestly, the comparisons between then and now are uncanny.


indystar 6








bryan tp 2


bryan tp


indystar 9


bryan pole

And 3/4 of those are just my fiance.


You guys, the 500 is only 10 days away.

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