On freezing and resolving

I’m sitting here in my freezing cold house, wearing the same leggings, knit shirt, sweatshirt, sock hat, slippers and pair of Bryan’s socks that I’ve been wearing since Thursday. According to my weather app, it feels like -31 degrees outside. NEGATIVE 31 DEGREES. I didn’t even know that was possible. I’ll blame that for my apparent loss of all sex appeal.

Tis the beginning of the year, I’ve been doing some thinking about New Year’s resolutions. “A cliché!” you shout. “Don’t jump on the bandwagon!” “Resolutions are pointless!” “No one ever follows through!”

But I disagree. I think there’s something nice about resolutions. Actually, maybe “resolution” is the wrong word. To me, it has little to do with the beginning of a new year; I think it’s important for people to spend some energy reflecting on themselves all year long. What have I accomplished lately? What am I proud of? What am I ashamed of? What do I want to change? Who do I want to be? How can I get there? 

I think we have a unique opportunity as humans to be able to take a critical look at ourselves and, in so many ways, direct the paths of our lives. Why wouldn’t we want to honor accomplishments and make improvements and set goals? If we don’t, I fear we might turn into boring old blobs who simply manage to survive partially lived lives. Let us instead strive to always be improving, to live lives full of feeling and relationships and color and mistakes and celebrations!

In 2014, I’d like to:

  • Speak more kindly to myself. Especially when I’m looking in the mirror.
  • Be a better hostess. Make my home a place that’s always open to others — regardless of its state of cleanliness.
  • Be a better guest. Actually plan ahead. Contribute something to a dinner party that I’m proud of. Remember to bring a hostess gift.
  • Weigh less in Dec 2014 than I do in Jan 2014. At least one pound less. Preferably 10 pounds less. Realistically 3 pounds less. (I really, really love cheese.)
  • Not let my anxiety or my nasty habit of panic attacks stop me from pursuing my curiosities.
  • Actively, dramatically forgive. Big things, little things, hard things, easy things. Forgive people I love and people who are really really hard to like. Even if they hurt me on purpose.
  • Be more generous. With my money, with my time and with my words.

How about you?

3 thoughts on “On freezing and resolving

  1. your resolutions are great.. i thinking mine are:

    -learn to be kinder to myself as well
    -to spend more of my free time helping others
    -eat healthier (i eat WAY too much sugar! )
    – and to lose about 5-10lbs

  2. great post & i agree!

    a summary of mine this year are:
    -exercise more
    -pray & read the bible more (and read something small like a psalm each morning before I start the day, so that I’m more likely to start it off on the right foot…)
    -communicate better with my husband
    -get the house truly organized (aka don’t just shove it in a closet or the basement….)
    -plan our meals better
    -bring computer and desk upstairs (DONE – yay!)
    -Stay in touch with people better this year (online, letter, phone, anyway i can!)

    p.s. I have been wondering if you have heard from Audrey :) :)
    happy new year to you!

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