Turkey! (Not a Thanksgiving Post)

Something happened.

A kitten! Meet Turkey:

turkey 1

Bryan and I decided to adopt little Turkey from FACE, a local shelter in Indy. FACE takes in animals from abused, neglected or dangerous situations and finds comfy, loving homes for them. We’re happy to open our home up to this little babe!

Turkey is 6 months old, and so far, he loves Batman and is unsure about Bryan. He likes to play with a toy mouse, hide in the shower, and sleep with his arms around my neck and his nose touching my nose. He and Batman have similar white patterns in their fur – they both even have half-mustaches on the same side! – so I’m pretty confident Turkey was meant to be Batman’s little bro all along.

turkey 2

Keep your fingers crossed for the four of us as we figure out how to live together. So far, both kittens have colds, my cat allergies are horrid, and Bryan’s complaining that he keeps getting inched out of bed at night. Let’s hope it just keeps getting better! And how could it not, when I come home to sweet scenes like this?:batman and turkey

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