Dear Bryan: Days 1, 2 & 3

You guys, how annoying is it when a girl shares her deepest emotions online for all to read? Especially when they’re directed at her significant other? It’s like, the level of intimacy feels weird, but you can’t look away, you know? Like, “Get a room, you guys!”, right? Totally annoying.


Dear Bryan, love of my life, apple of my eye, very breath that I breathe:

You’re doing a really good job of blogging so far (A Few Thousand)! I love hearing about your trip from your perspective and seeing pictures of all of the beautiful things you’re seeing.

I especially loved the picture you posted from Day 2 of the Foxy Lady coffee shop. How interesting that you managed to “stumble” upon a quaint coffee stand staffed solely by hot babes in g-strings! In the middle of nowhere! And so early in your trip! Gee, I can’t wait to see what other “fine establishments” you “happen” to patronize. What luck! I’m really glad you’re getting to experience the “natural” “beauty” of “God’s” “creation” as you “travel” the “country”.


Here are some photos from my weekend:

Jane and I dropped you and Mike off at the airport at 4:30AM on Saturday.


airport 2Afterward, I returned home and was thrilled to discover that you hadn’t eaten the leftover chicken-bacon-ranch pizza and breadsticks you had ordered the day before. Hooray! So, I carried the slices upstairs and ate them in bed while watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Later that day, my sister, Janel, came to visit. We rode our bikes to WARMfest, a music festival in Broad Ripple. We got front row spots to the Kopecky Family Band show…


…and were pumped for Delta Spirit to come on. Unfortunately, the first rain storm to hit Indy in a month rolled in, canceling not only the Delta Spirit show, but the whole of the festival for the remainder of the day. So, our misery over missing our favorite band was accented by an arousing bike ride home in the rain and hail.

jillian janel rain

We did some shopping and had dinner in Fountain Square. Upon arriving home, we found the front door slightly ajar. After thoroughly inspecting every inch of the house (including under the beds and in the closets), we concluded that I just hadn’t closed the door properly when we left. A strong start to 45 days alone.

On Sunday, Janel had to leave early, so I trudged to Lowe’s to buy totes so I could organize the storage closet. (I told you you’d miss out on all the fun!) I also bought an adorable floral welcome mat. You’re really going to love the way it accents the patio.


I baked a delicious dinner for myself in the oven, which unfortunately, had some charred bits of the last baked dinner stuck to the bottom. The smoke alarm went off four times, but luckily I learned that jumping up and down and waving a towel in front of the alarm made it stop after only 10 or 15 beeps. The neighbor came over at one point and casually asked what I was making for dinner. I think he has doubts about whether or not the house will still be standing by the time you come home.

Which is an interesting point, because I’m also making dinner as I write this. It took me about 3 minutes to realize that I left the stovetop burner on “ignite” but never lit the flame. Now, I’m breathing in clouds of natural gas, and the cat has fallen asleep. Don’t worry – I keep nudging him to make sure he’s still breathing ok.

I’m having doubts about whether or not the house will still be standing by the time you come home.

It’s like I’ve never lived alone before.

Anyway, last night, after organizing and cleaning and burning things, I started feeling lonely. So, I called Jane and met her at the Brass Ring for a drink. Which turned into four drinks. And I had to fight back tears during most of our conversation, because I just kept talking about you.


Speaking of, I’ve only cried at three TV shows and two commercials since you’ve left, so clearly, I’m handling your being gone really well.

Today, I ran a few errands and went for a walk on Mass Ave with Laura. I’m also making your favorite chicken enchiladas for dinner, (assuming I’m not natural gassed out of my mind by then), in your memory.

I find I keep doing things that I know you like, like making enchiladas and ordering vodka-and-grapefruit-juices. I think it’s like the time I moved after 7th grade and had to leave my crush behind, so I vowed to use only blue ink pens for the whole of 8th grade in memory of my 7th grade crush, because he had blue eyes.

Similarly, doing things you like makes me feel closer to you.

Let’s be honest. There’s a small chance I might have thrown myself on the bed yesterday afternoon, crying into a pillow that smells like you in a fit of overwhelming emotion. It’s also possible that I might have spent a few minutes standing in the middle of your clothes in your closet like a complete weirdo, just because they smell like you, too. I’ll admit, it’s kind of dramatic. But, I do tend to have a flare for the dramatic. JUST LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM!

Don’t get me wrong: I’m so glad you’re on this trip. I really am! I wouldn’t change a thing. And I’m certain I’m fully capable of living on my own. Feminism and whatnot. But even feminists have feelings. I’m just finding that I’m missing you a lot more than I thought I would. Turns out, I like having you around! And 45 days is a long time.

Batman’s doing fine. He’s been staring at a fly and a moth for a good portion of the weekend, so he’s been a little preoccupied.

moth 1 moth 3

He has been a good comforter, though.


Well, I guess that about sums it up for now. I’m off to eat enchiladas and watch Breaking Bad. I’ll try really hard not to tell you everything that happens, since you won’t get to watch it for a few weeks. But I can’t guarantee anything – especially if I have to wait much longer before receiving souvenirs!

I love you and miss you very much. Keep on riding toward home, and stay safe!



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