My boyfriend’s leaving me for 45 days, and this is how I feel about it.

Tomorrow, Bryan embarks on The Journey of a Lifetime: He and his friend, Mike Pike, will be riding their bicycles nearly 3,100 miles, from Anacortes, WA (just north of Seattle) to Indianapolis.

Yep, you read that right. 3,100 miles. 

I ride my bike exactly 1 mile to work every day, and I’ve yet to stop bragging about it. Bryan is literally volunteering to ride 3,100 times that distance.

Though, if you also count my 1 mile ride home, he’s only doing 1,550 times that, so it seems less impressive.

Also, they’re aiming to complete this ride in 45 days. So, if you total my commute over 45 days, (assuming I ride my bike to work and back every day, which I won’t because of weekends and heat and a good hair day and whatnot), he’s only doing 34.44 times that. So, basically, any of us could do what he’s doing.

Yes, yes, he’ll be making an epic journey and experiencing amazing things that he’ll remember for a lifetime and blah blah. But I’ll be doing super cool things, too.

Here’s a list of awesome things that he’ll miss in Indianapolis while he’s gone:

  • Helping me organize all of my storage bins
  • The entire month of September
  • My cat’s half birthday
  • Sigur Ros in concert
  • Two rounds of vicious PMS*

*He won’t really miss this, because I’ll likely be calling him in tears during those weeks, screaming about my suspicions that he’s left me for some hussy farmer’s daughter in Idaho.

Please support Bryan and Mike while they’re adventuring by sending your prayers, well-wishes, positive energy, and Instagram likes their way. Also, follow along! They’ll be keeping a blog of their journey:

A Few Thousand

Let’s just hope that this blog fares better than the Xanga Bryan started in 2005. Eek.

And let’s hope that they have a fulfilling, fun and safe journey across the US.

Bryan: I’m proud of you for being brave enough to make this dream happen. I’ll miss you, but I can’t wait to hear all of your amazing stories! Soak in the beauty of every day you’re on this journey. You’re going to see amazing things. You’re doing amazing things! I love you. Also, send me souvenirs.

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