An extended Sabbath

This past weekend was probably one of the most relaxing weekends I can remember. I basically did nothing but lay on things.

On Saturday, Bryan and I slept in until nearly 11AM. I can’t remember the last time I did that! After getting out of bed, we both made our way to the front porch, where we assumed comfortable reclining positions for the following seven hours. Seriously. I curled up on the adirondack chairs Bryan’s dad made us, and Bryan swayed in his purple camping hammock (much to the visual delight of all of our neighbors, I’m sure.)

We ordered pizza from the porch. We ate pizza on the porch. I read a book. Bryan watched a bike polo match on his iPad. The only times we went inside were to mix more Bloody Mary’s or to select a new album to blast through the window screen. Even Batman got in on the action, sitting on a comfy chair we moved in front of the screened door so he could see outside.

The weather was perfect, the air was breezy. I kept thinking that it was one of the best days Bryan and I have spent together so far.


So good, in fact, that we did the same thing on Sunday! I got up to get ready for church, but quickly realized that I’d much rather stay at home with my little family. Let’s just say God blessed me with an extended Sabbath. (He wants us to take time each week to literally do nothing, after all. That kind of God is ok with me.)

Bryan leaves for a 45-60 day bike trip next weekend (we’ll discuss that later!), so the quiet time spent together was extra special. I’m sure opportunities for days that lazy won’t come often.



PS. If you need a good porch-sitting soundtrack, allow me to recommend Washed Out’s new album, Paracosm:


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