Shackin’ up

So, as I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, I moved. Yes, again. Yes, this is my fifth house in just over three years.

I just love moving so much.

This time, I have a new roommate: Bryan! We moved into our new house in Fletcher Place over Memorial Day weekend, and it is lovely!

I mean, handsome. I promised Bryan that I wouldn’t make the house look too girly. He contributed about three pieces of (black) furniture and one set of (gray) curtains, and I think they really set off the frilly white duvet and baby pink accents very nicely. Also, he has his very own closet that is too shallow for clothes hangers to fit in, so the door doesn’t shut all the way. So, there’s that.

So far, everyone seems to be loving the new living situation! Sometimes, some of us forget to pick up our socks, and sometimes some of us track mud into the house after mountain biking, and sometimes someone’s adorable kitten takes short naps in someone’s beard, but some of us are really very generous and understanding, so it hasn’t become an issue. We are so happy.

Take a little tour below!

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