Introducing Jamie, and my spirit animal, the rabbit.

On Saturday, I experienced something amazing and unusual: I had my energy read!

The energy reader, Michelle, is a former coworker of my friend Persephone’s. She is just your typical middle-aged, Midwestern woman who works a full-time job, manages her family, and reads energies on the side. (You can learn more at her website:

Prior to our meeting, having never seen, met or spoken with her before, I emailed Michelle my name and birth date. (I made sure that all of my social media was blocked from public view, in case she decided to do a little Internet research on me prior to our meeting. I wanted this to be as authentic as possible!) Michelle used my name and birth date to connect to my “spirit guides”, which allowed her to create an energy drawing of me. We met on Saturday to discuss the drawing my guides instructed her to create.

And here it is!

energy drawing

C’mon, isn’t that the cutest energy drawing you’ve ever seen?! I started giggling the second I saw it.

Here’s Michelle’s interpretation:

Purple: See that purple line at the top, center of the picture? That is a very important line. It runs through the core of my body, straight through my mind and into my heart. Purple is the strongest spiritual energy color; it doesn’t get any stronger than purple. This represents my connection to a Higher Power. (I’m calling the Higher Power “God”.) According to Michelle, this line is very unique and shows that I have a very strong, direct line of communication with God. I have the ability to speak with him easily, and he can speak directly to my heart. This is at the core of who I am as a human being.

Yellow: Yellow energy represents creative healing.

Orange: Orange energy represents compassion for others.

The yellow and orange come to me directly from God and run through my body. This means that I have a gift of compassion and healing and that I use these gifts to help others. Since the orange is near the outside of my body, that means I radiate passion for others.

See how the yellow and orange lines also flow directly out of my head to either side? This is a bad thing. This means that I focus too much on taking care of others. Obviously, caring about others is a good thing, but caring too much is preventing me from living my fullest life. It’s actually blocking me from receiving this passion and caring within myself, and it’s blocking the pink and blue energies that God is trying to send to me.

Pink: Pink energy represents pure love.

Blue: Blue energy represents calming peace.

Sunflowers: Sunflowers’ faces are constantly moving to face the sun. As the sun moves, the flowers move. This represents worship and flexibility, and means that I am always able to find God, no matter where he may be and no matter where I may be.

Rabbits: According to Michelle, the rabbit is my spirit animal! (So cute, right?) Rabbits represent strong intuition, good instincts, and the ability to take advantage of fleeting situations. (Also, Rabbits have fluffy tails and I have fluffy hair, which I’m sure is no coincidence.)

Green: Green energy flows directly to the heart. The characteristics of the rabbit, for example, wrap my body and go directly to my heart, to the depths of who I am.

Royal blue: Royal blue energy represents empowerment. By embracing my rabbit characteristics, I become more empowered and secure.

Throat: Michelle sensed a hole in my throat. This means I don’t use my voice; I don’t speak up enough. This is probably related to the yellow and orange that flows away from my body. I’m too concerned about what everyone else needs and wants, so I don’t use my voice for fear of making others uncomfortable. This could also represent a struggle of self-confidence. (Duh.) The hole in my throat is actually starting to create a web around my heart; it’s holding me back from experiencing a truly fulfilled life.

Purple Spirit Guide: You guys! I have a Spirit Guide! Actually, Michelle says that everyone has many angels and spirit guides that are always with them. But this Spirit Guide is purple. (Remember what we just learned about purple being the strongest spiritual color?) Michelle said that this Spirit Guide is such a powerful, strong presence, she didn’t even bother drawing any of the other guides on my picture. This Spirit Guide has always been with me, and she said he is so strong, she wouldn’t be surprised if I physically felt and/or saw him from time to time. (Which I have! But that’s another story for another day.)

If you want to get really New Agey, check this out: Michelle says I knew this Spirit Guide in a past life. She thinks that I was a (probably male) spiritual teacher of some kind in that life, and that this Spirit Guide taught alongside me. The Spirit Guide lived many, many lives on earth and finally reached enlightenment. For this reason, he is done living in human form and now only lives in spirit form. Since we had such a deep connection in our past lives, he stayed with me in this life.

I don’t know if you believe in past lives — I don’t know if believe in past lives — but it’s interesting anyway, right? Since my Spirit Guide is only in spirit form now, and is therefore neither male nor female, I’ve decided to give him/her a gender-ambiguous name: Jamie.

Owl: Jamie is handing me an owl. Owls represent wisdom, change, transformation, and the ability to sense things before they happen. Notice how the owl is speaking directly into my throat? By embracing the things that the owl is teaching me (courtesy of Jamie) I can begin to fill up the hole in my throat and find my voice.

Trinity: Did you notice that there are three rabbits and three sunflowers in my picture? That means something, too! The number three represents the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and is another throwback to my strong spiritual energy. The Trinity also stands for balance, so when my spiritual self is balanced, my whole life is balanced.

So, what do you think? Interesting, right?

Regardless of what you believe or what I believe — about Spirit Guides, Higher Powers, past lives, or whatever — I found the experience to be very encouraging and inspiring.

What about you? Ready to have your energy read?

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