What do you splurge on?

In general, I’d say I’m a pretty frugal person. I don’t buy clothes too often, and when I do, they’re inexpensive. Most of my furniture is vintage or hand-me-down. I feel guilty spending lots of money on things.

But I love fancy hotels.


There’s something so magical about being in a nice hotel.  A fancy room with a plush bed and huge windows with a view. All you have to do is walk downstairs or, better yet, just call someone, and delicious food is ready and waiting for you. There are little bottles of product and free shower caps in the bathrooms. You can throw your dirty towels on the floor and leave the bed unmade when you go out, and someone will magically appear and bring you new towels and make the bed for you by the time you come back! And in the really good hotels, the television says your name when you turn it on!

You can literally be greeted by your TV while laying in a cloud of a bed and eating a cheeseburger off of a silver tray that someone delivered to you. And no one thinks it’s weird. Can you seriously think of anything better?!

What do you splurge on?

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