Sports! Sports! Sports!

I joined a fantasy football league. I’m very sportsy lately.

It’s an all-female league, called “Best Friends and Tight Ends”. Only two women in the league have played fantasy football before. (Do you “play” fantasy football?) Pretty low-pressure, except for a couple of psycho bitches. My team is called “Is this baseball?”

Half of us met at Bess and Jenn’s house on Tuesday night for the very official draft, and the other half joined us via video chat on Google+. Here’s what happened:

  • Baked goat cheese with crostini
  • Taco dip
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Trail mix
  • “Flying Cupcakes” cupcakes

It was so delicious!

Oh, also we managed to draft players.

I like football, and I know a fair amount about teams, but I don’t know much at all about individual players. I went into the draft, though, armed with a plan as to which positions to draft in which order, lists of ranked players, and lists of injured players with their backups.

I honestly have no clue how well I did. And, don’t ask me who I picked, cause I’m too afraid you’ll laugh at my terrible decision making to actually tell you the truth.

“Arian Foster!” I would proudly proclaim if you asked me, because I know that he’s a good pick. Except that would be a lie, cause I didn’t draft him. Gah.

Here’s our draft in action, courtesy of Laura:

Confusion + Snacks!

Bryan, who doesn’t have much experience with football in any capacity, vowed that he wanted to actually watch a few games this season. So last night, I pried him away from switching out the shifters (or something) on his bike long enough to watch the game.

A few weeks ago, he got a cruiser and surprised me by buying one for me, as well. So, we hopped on our cruisers last night and headed to a bar downtown to watch the big game and see one of my guys do lots of wide receivery things.

YAY for football season, YAY for my new cruiser, and MAYBE YAY for my fantasy football team!

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