Happy July 5th, errbody!

I, for one, had a delightful Fourth of July. It started with me waking up and being lazy until approximately 2PM. Then, I ventured over to Bryan’s house, where we were promptly greeted by Oreo Jones, who accompanied us to the local food mart.

Thirty minutes and $80 later, we hauled our bags of fresh goodies back to Bryan’s house. Before long, Action Jackson and his gal, Monique, joined in on the festivities, and we began cooking.

(And by “we”, I mean “not me.” I had good intentions of helping with the food prep, but then Bryan’s bartender roommate crafted a gorgeous bloody mary or three and… well… I got distracted.)

At one point, I found myself sitting at the kitchen table with Jane, (B’s roommate), Monique, and Bloody Mary, watching as Bryan, Oreo and Action chopped veggies and pattied burgers at the counter. Bryan seasoned (what turned out to be delicious!) salmon for us, as we’re still very pescetarian these days, while Oreo, fists full of ground beef, berated Action’s high-maintenance steak-and-pepper kabobs. “Boutique kabobs”, I believe he called them.

Seeing those three guys work in the kitchen was absolutely hilarious to me, considering these are, well, these guys.

Who knew they could be so domestic?

When the grilling was done and we had stuffed our bellies full of food, we made our way down the street to watch the fireworks. Most  were cancelled this year, due to dry temps, but as we have the luxury of living downtown, we were still able to watch the display of fireworks shot from the top of the Regions building.

Courtesy of IndyStar.com
Courtesy of IndyStar.com

All in all, it was a good day filled with food, friends and a full heart.

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