The picture of poise and confidence.

The other day, I was looking really good. No, like really good.

Great hair, great outfit, great smile… I’m talkin’ goooooood.

So, where do you go when you’re looking as good as I was?

Broad Ripple, duh.

I’m walking down the sidewalk, the sun shining, a pep in my step, hair blowing in the wind, smiling at strangers. The picture of poise and confidence. (A far cry from my usually painfully-awkward, insecure, generally clumsy existence.)

As I’m walking, I glance across the street at a bar. It’s one of those super-cool ones, where the walls all open up along the sidewalks when it’s nice outside so patrons can enjoy the weather and people watch. When I look over, I notice a group of handsome young men drinking at a table, looking back at me.

“Oh, men,” I laugh to myself. “Always checking out women. Look at them, looking at me. So typical.”

I look away. Coquettishly, I look back.

Still watching me.

“My my,” I roll my eyes. “So rude, all those stares. They can probably tell I’m wearing new eyeshadow. Oh, men. So immature sometimes.”

I look down. I look up.

Still staring.

“Oh dear,” I flutter my eyelashes. “Take a picture already, it’ll last longer. Ha ha. I’m so funny. And pretty. [Hair toss.] I bet they –”


“What the?”

I walked into a pole.

“OHMIGOD I WALKED INTO A POLE! A POLE! Play it cool, Jillian. Play it realllll cool. Maybe they didn’t see.”

Casually, I side-stepped the pole, straightened my skirt and continued down the sidewalk. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I peeked back at the bar.

Hysterical laughter.

I briefly considered jumping into the canal to escape my humiliation, but then I realized I can’t swim. Plus, the water would have messed up my hair.

And, despite my wounded pride, my hair was still lookin’ reallllllly good.

I’m sure that’s what those guys remember.

One thought on “The picture of poise and confidence.

  1. Loved this! I had a similar situation once where I knew I looked awesome, I felt amazing, and then a seedling blew in the wind, smacking me in the forehead. I just remember thinking, “This is the reality of my life….”

    Anyway, loved this post. I’ll be reading more, now following.

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