I’m 28 now, so I’m super mature.

Oh, my birthday? How was it? Thank you so very much for asking.


Though my birthday was on Monday, Bryan and I started celebrating on Sunday. We met for lunch at SoBro cafe in Broad Ripple, where I enjoyed a delicious spinach and tomato pancake and coffee. Then, we did a little window shopping, as Bryan The Adventurer is (apparently) in the market to buy a kayak.

That afternoon, we traveled to White River State Park for the main birthday event – a Segway tour! I’ve been wanting to do one for a few months, so what better day to tour the city while standing on two wheels than on my birthday?

I look great in a helmet. Also, I can’t tell if my eyes are open or closed in this picture.

Luckily for us, the other four people who were scheduled to tour with us didn’t show, so Bryan and I got our OWN PRIVATE TOUR. What could be better?! Our tour guide gave us a brief tutorial on how to use the machine, (all of which I forgot once I stepped foot on the thing), and then we were off.

We rolled around Indy landmarks for over an hour, soaking in the history. We learned about the NCAA place, the something monument, another building, something history-y, The Battle of Somewhere, and we saw BABY DUCKS! Our guide let us stop along the way to take photos and race each other around things. (I won every time, obviously.)

Scenic overlook. Seriously, are my eyes open? It was really bright, you guys.

The tour was super fun, and riding a Segway was awesome! No wonder people own those things. I told Bryan I was going to buy one and ride it everywhere and I wouldn’t care how nerdy I looked, and he said he would break up with me.

We ended the night by chowing down on Pizza Hut and watching TV. Sadly, my day was nearly derailed when I stepped on a shard of metal on Bryan’s basement stairs which left a metal splinter, but thankfully, Bryan was able to pull it out of my foot using some sort of  poky bike tool. I cried a little bit, but then he took me to Dairy Queen and I felt all better.

On Monday, the actual day of my birth, I arrived to work to find that my coworkers had decorated my desk. Seeing as I am the Official Birthday Desk Decorator in the office, I was nervous that no one would remember to acknowledge my day. I should have known better. Not only did they decorate my desk, but they combined my two current favorite things: Hipsters with beards + cats!

Yes, this makes me look like a hoarder, but I’ll have you know that all of those magazines are necessary for my job and they’re all alphabetized, so get over it.

I worked very, very hard without distraction all day, and I barely mentioned to anyone that it was my birthday, give-or-take a few times, and I never whined the excuse, “But it’s my birrrrrrthdayyyyy!” when someone asked me to do something I didn’t want to do.

After work, Bryan took me to an Italian restaurant for dinner, where we dined outside on a cobblestone patio, shared a bottle of wine and stuffed our faces with pasta. We finished the night by having drinks on the patio at the Brass Ring in Fountain Square, enjoying the beautiful weather. I stayed awake until midnight, then fell fast asleep, having thoroughly loved every second of my birthday.

One thought on “I’m 28 now, so I’m super mature.

  1. I loved this! Everything just screamed “I’m so mature now!” from the ducks, to the crying, to the cats. I’m glad you had a good birthday!

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