Some things I’ve done, including walking around underground with ghosts.

I’ve been very busy trying to fulfill my New Year’s resolution to do something new every day. Some days it’s hard to come up with new things to do, and some days I just plain forget to do something new, but I’m having fun nonetheless.

Here are some new things I’ve done in the last couple of weeks that I had never done before:

I went to my sister Lauren’s bridal shower. She’s getting married in just over one month!

I went to Oreo Jones’ birthday party. I’ve never been to a birthday party for an adult in which he rented a hotel room just so we could swim in the hotel’s outdoor pool. Verrrry clever!

(Clockwise from left: Oreo, Lisa, Bryan, me & my tattoo girl, and Brad. Photo courtesy of Megan.)

I went to the Fun. concert with my sisters.

Lauren and Janel were able to come to Indy for a couple days last week to attend the concert and have a sisters’ bachelorette party for Lauren. As you can see above, we got to meet Jack Antonoff, one of the band members. (I posted his article on straight allies a few months back.)

I went on a midnight scavenger hunt in the catacombs on Saturday.

The catacombs were opened to the public earlier this month. It’s basically a large room with dirt floors and a series of brick arches hidden underground beneath the City Market, an indoor food market in downtown Indy. (The City Market is also home to the Indy Bike Hub, which you might remember from this terrifying experience.)

No one really knows what the original purpose of the catacombs was, but it’s apparently all that remains after a fire destroyed Tomlinson Hall in the 1950’s. They were originally constructed in the late 1800’s. (You can read more about the catacombs here.)

Historic Indianapolis hosted a scavenger hunt in the catacombs from midnight to 2AM on Saturday. My friends and I took full advantage of that, as we really wanted to explore. So, we grabbed our flashlights and our cameras and headed underground!

The two pictures above are taken from a quick Google search, but the following two pictures were taken by one of the guys that was in my scavenger group. C’mon people – these are for real ghosts, right?!

See that ghost man sitting the corner? Totally haunted.

So, that’s the past two weeks-or-so in a nutshell. Now, what new thing will I do today?

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