Famous, yet again.

This was my Facebook status yesterday afternoon:

A local news crew came into my office just now to gather some footage for a story they’re working on. They walked around with a camera, filming people working in their cubes. Only after they filmed us did they reveal to us what the story was about: how March Madness affects employee productivity. Of course, during the filming, the kid in the cube next to me was on Facebook, I was doing my makeup, my boss was watching a YouTube video, and two other guys in my row were perfecting their brackets. Way to go, team!
And this aired last night:
Thankfully, I appear to be working!
If you hit pause around the :55 second mark, you can see me “hard at work” with a notebook, a cup of coffee, a roll of toilet paper (it’s allergy season), and a picture of a DJ-ing cat tacked next to the name tag in my cube. What does my desk say about me, I wonder?
Also, I believe this is your first official introduction to a couple members of the Boys Club. My favorite part? That you can totally see my coworker’s full name on the March Madness bracket they zoom in on. Ha!

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