Romance is in the air. Oh, no. That’s just gas.

Coworker: “Jillian, how was your Valentine’s Day?”

Me: “It was really good! B took me out for Thai, then we met up with some friends at Dorman Street to play darts and drink martinis. What did you do?”

Guillaume: “Your mom.” [Laughter from all boys in the room]

Coworker: “I took my girlfriend out to four restaurants!”

Me: “Whoa! Four? That’s quite the date.”

Coworker: “Yeah! We went to KFC for those mashed potato bowls, then to Burger King for fries and shakes, then to Taco Bell for burritos and cheesy gordita crunches, and then Dairy Queen for dessert.”

Me: “Wait, are you serious? You realize that adds up to like 3,500 calories!”

Coworker: “Yeah. It was delicious.”

Me: “Your girlfriend is one lucky lady.”

Coworker: “I know. That’s what I told her!”

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