Something happened.

The number of cats I own has doubled. Meet Henry!

I know, I know. Don’t judge.

It allllll started back in October. My social life had started picking up, work was getting busier, I was traveling a lot, and I had just begun my second job. Needless to say, I wasn’t home as much as usual, and I could tell it was affecting Batman. So, when a coworker of mine suddenly had to give up his beloved cat and was looking for someone to adopt him, it seemed like perfect timing.

It took a few weeks – eh, months – for the three of us to adjust to living together. In fact, up until about a month ago, I wasn’t sure I was going to keep Henry around. (Especially around Christmas, when Henry personally disassembled my beautiful Christmas tree every day while I was at work.)

But now, things are great! Batman and Henry really love each other, and I love having them around.

So here we are. Just the three of us!

One thought on “Something happened.

  1. Hopefully this doesn’t make you sad, but I am super excited to adopt Henry from you! (Please know, you can call any time you want to talk to him! Or Batman too for that matter…maybe they can skype?) I keep looking at pictures of Henry on your blog and from old emails and I cannot wait to bring him into his new home! I’m so so excited. I was just thinking about how I’ll have to send you pics of him adjusting to the new place so you can post them on here! So many kitty cousins in the family and I love it! :)

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