Super Bowl Ex-El-Vee-Eye. (Not sure how you get “46” out of “Ex-El-Vee-Eye.”)

In case you didn’t watch tv, listen to the radio, read anything, access any form of social media, see any billboards, or surf the Internet in the last month, you probably know that the Super Bowl was in Indianapolis on Sunday.

It seems like Indy has been preparing for the Super Bowl forever – certainly since I moved here. So, by the time the Super Bowl Village finally opened, I couldn’t wait to see it! Living and working downtown proved to be very convenient, as I was able to walk to the Village and see everything many times throughout the week, even on Super Bowl Sunday, without having to pay hundreds of dollars for parking.

The energy was amazing: so many people, so many incredible things going on. I couldn’t get enough of being down there. The zip line, the music, the events, not to mention all the Jimmy Fallon show tapings, tv crews and celebrities in town. And the city looked great! Like so many others, I really was proud of how Indianapolis presented herself and proud to say that I live here.

I only got a handful of pictures during the week. I kept waiting for the perfect shot to capture the vibe of the event, but it never seemed to come along. I guess some things just can’t be contained in a picture.

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