just call me david

So, I started working out with a personal trainer this week for the first time ever.

Which explains why it took me 25 minutes to walk up the stairs to my 3rd floor office this morning. Burning thighs!

Since I have little-to-no experience in the gym, I was quite perplexed when getting ready on Monday morning before my first workout. Do I wear makeup? Do I not wear makeup? Do I wear a little makeup?

I opted for no makeup, which turned out fine because: (A) I got really sweaty and (B) no one recognized me without makeup on, so I wasn’t nearly as embarrassed grunting so loudly in public. Unfortunately, it took me wayyy too long to apply my makeup once I was at work.

So, on Wednesday, I wore a little bit of makeup, and some less-voluminous false eyelashes, (a workout necessity), and then finished my full face at my desk once in my office. Unfortunately, since I was working with a teensy compact mirror in a dimly lit room, it took me longer than normal to perfect my liquid eyeliner.

I had just finished a beautiful, bold, black winged eye on my right eyelid when, even more unfortunately, I got called into an emergency meeting. Yes. I sat through an entire meeting with one winged eye and one naked eye. I felt like David Bowie.

All this to say: I need your advice. How do you handle makeup in the gym? Am I crazy for even worrying about it?

– Jillian

3 thoughts on “just call me david

  1. lip gloss and waterproof mascara only. I can’t go totally makeup free because cute firemen work out at my gym… it’s bad enough I’m sweaty, but sweaty without lip gloss would be even worse!

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