My music obsession of the moment and a music video from the most annoying rapper I’ve heard in a while.

Currently, I am obsessed with “Instrumentals” by Clams Casino. This guy makes all the beats for those annoying — I mean, current and relevant — young rappers, like Lil B and Soulja Boy, who are oh-so-hot right now.

Not so much of a fan of those kids.

BUT, Clams Casino’s beats are amazing! Super chill and easy to listen to, he samples from a lot of female artists, like Imogen Heap and Adele.

Take a listen to “Instrumentals” here and be sure to check out the first track, “Motivation.” I love it!

After you’ve listened to it sans emcee, you can watch Lil B’s “Motivation” video here.

Damn, Based God!

Thanks to my friend, Annie, at Indy CD and Vinyl for turning me onto this mixtape!

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