Monster Mash!

This weekend, I had a blast celebrating Halloween! On Friday night, B and I hung out at Brad and Megan’s house and enjoyed some cupcakes and drinks. Oh, and their puppy, Bora, was always nearby.

Apparently, Bora is the most photogenic of all of us.
Zombie Brad and Zombie Santa B (Photo courtesy of Megan)

On Saturday morning, Brad made breakfast for the four of us, and then we went to the Halloween festival in Irvington, where we watched Santa play bike polo.

That evening, I attended the Monster Mash party at the Murat’s Amber Room. B and another friend started Monster Mash four years ago, and I’ve been looking forward to it for months!

The event starts with a bike race around the city, in which riders have to complete certain challenges at certain checkpoints. Yep, this year, one of the challenges involved getting tattooed!

(Photo courtesy of Greg The Mayor)
(Photo courtesy of Greg The Mayor)

While the boys were running checkpoints at the race, Megan came over to my apartment to get ready.

Together, Megan and I perfected her Sugar Skull makeup, complete with huge false eyelashes, of course!

Once we were all dolled up, we headed to the Amber Room for the Monster Mash party.

There was a performance by Black Fabio, with DJ B Qwyatt
Sugar Skull and Zombie
Megan and Me
A lil sugar
Santa and Mrs. Claus

It was such a great weekend! I’m already looking forward to next Halloween!

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