let’s go faux

Ok, time to discuss my favorite topic: False eyelashes!

Whether you wear them on special occasions, every day (like me!) or only on Halloween, there are so many options available. As falsies become more and more mainstream, you have more and more excuses to try out all the styles!

Full rows of lashes are the most popular choice for false-eyelash wearers. There are many options for length, fullness and shape; Once you learn to apply them right, you can’t go wrong!

For an every day look, I prefer individual lashes glued at the outside corners of my eyes. I put a few longer clumps at the edges, then a few shorter clumps closer to the middle. Full row lashes also come in this shape, though in my opinion, the individuals are more natural looking and are easier to apply.

Angled lashes give you a similar look, but the lashes are placed in a diagonal direction, rather than vertical. I’m in love with these wispy ones!

And while you’re at it, why not get a little crazy? Paper lashes, feather lashes, LED lashes and even butterfly lashes are all available for you to try!

So, let’s chat. What lashes do you use? Which would you want to try? What other styles are out there? C’mon, people. Open your eyes to falsies!

– Jillian



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